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We are now proud to offer Handyman Services (Small Job Home Repair) and Energy Saving Home Solutions

Contact us for your home repair and energy saving needs!!!

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Energy Saving Solutions AtticFoil®: An aluminum foil sheeting originally developed by NASA that reflects radiant heat away from your roof making it easier to keep your house cool during the summer, AtticFoil® also increases the R-Value of your insulation which amounts to energy savings in the winter as well, this foil can be installed in any accessible attic, this addition can equate to an energy savings of 5% to 30%

Attic Entry Cover: These covers are stapled in over any attic entry preventing heat you’re your house traveling into your attic and heat from your attic transferring in to your house, the attic will still be accessible by unzipping the cover, by preventing heat from entering or exiting the attic the unused area will not be unnecessarily heated. Surprisingly much of your air conditioning bill comes from cooled air being lost through your attic entrance

LED Lights: Traditional CFL, LFL, and HID lights can be switched to LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs, LEDs save energy, last longer, provide larger amounts of light, and are also offered in a wide variety of colors

Low Flow Fater Fixtures: Faucets, toilets, and showerheads can use excessive amounts of water, low flow alternatives can be installed reducing wear on infrastructure, reducing electricity use, lowering water bills, and conserving a precious resource

Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans can be strategically placed in order to distribute warm air during winter, as well as draw in cooler air from lower levels during the summer

Programmable Thermostats: These advanced thermostats can be installed in place of older thermostats, programming your hvac system to not waste energy heating or cooling your house while you are not at home will allow your A/C unit to last longer as well as decrease your monthly energy usage

Air Filters: Replacing dirty intake and exhaust filters around your home can reduce the stress on your HVAC system increasing it’s longevity, providing cleaner air for you and your family, and reducing energy consumption, some filter can even be cleaned instead of having to be replaced completely

Weather Stripping: Installing rubber weather stripping around exterior door frames can reduce the amount of air entering your house from the outside

Insulating Gaps: Gaps around window frames, pipes, and doors can be filled with spray foam or caulking eliminating drafts

Sealing Electrical Outlets: Spray foam insulation used in conjunction with foam gaskets can seal light switches and outlets which can drain cold or hot air into walls reducing the efficiency of your heating or cooling systems Cellular Window Blinds: Replacing standard blinds with cellular ones can help insulate windows as well as glass patio doors, these blinds can also help spruce up the look of any room

Attic Insulation: Many homes have insufficient or in some cases no insulation their attics, adding insulation to attics is a relatively cheap way of lowering your energy use, also air ducts can be wrapped in AtticFoil® or wrapped in purpose-made insulating blankets to reduce heat loss and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system

Electric Heaters: Wall mounted low energy use ceramic heaters can be installed in bedrooms as well as bathrooms and turned on during nights as an alternative to dialing up your thermostat and heating your whole house, these heaters use relatively little electricity and can even be programmed to turn on at specific times

Energy Saving Solutions, Small Job Home Repair, Home General Maintenance 

We can be reached at: HANDYMAN@ADVENTURIZM.COM

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